Guru peyarchi palangal of 2021 for rasi Makaram - Capricorn :

Latest Guru Peyarchi Palangal using Thiru Kanitha Panchang. Predict how your wealth will be during2021 - 2022 for rasi Makaram - Capricorn

Viyaazan (Jupitor - Guru) peyaRchi Gochara or transit results for Makaram - Capricorn Rasi

Current Date&Time : 20-01-2021 13:35:36 IST (GMT +05.30 Hrs)

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Jupiter transiting house: 1

பிறப்பு ராசியில் வியாழன் (குரு) வருவதால் ஊர் விட்டு ஊர் செல்லல், பதவி பறிபோதல், உற்றார் உறவினரை பிரிதல், பலரையும் பகைதுக் கொள்ளல், வீண் அலைச்சல், செலவு, மதிப்பிற்கு பாதிப்பு, அரசின் பக, மனக் கவலை போன்ற தீய பலன்கள் ஏற்படலாம்.

Displacement and expenditure.

Jupiter transits your Janma Rasi. This is a highly inauspicious position.

This position indicates loss of wealth and intelligence, you may quit your place and will suffer from many quarrels. Jupiter becomes most malevolent during the transit of first house and gives unfavorable results.

You may face unwanted displacement.

It may be another city or another country. Change of residence is thus probable during this transit. Be prepared to look out for new jobs as you may loose your current position.

Be ready to get separated from near and dear once as Jupiter is ill posited. Unexpected and unwanted expenses will be there. Don't lend money without adequate security, otherwise you may not recover your money.

Loss of honour and displeasure of government, loss of wealth, fear, anguish are the results of the transit of first house by Jupiter.

Jupiter aspects house 7. Result of this aspect is

Jupiter in malefic position.

Jupiter is debilated and may not give good results.

Guru Gochar | Jupiter Transit from the rasi sign is important to read as planet Jupiter is considered as the ruler of wealth of rasi kaarars.

Though as per science, Jupiter is a gaseous planet, as per astrology this guru is the strongest and most influentual comparing to all other planets used for horoscope prediction.

It is the ruler for Danush (Libra) and Meenam (Pisces) rasi.

While Sun is considered the Athma of Astrology, Jupiter - Guru is considered the life of Sun.

Position of Guru at 1, 4, 7 and 10 from the Rasi sign is considered as the best for the rasi kaarar.