January month student astrology for Mesham - Aries :

Arivan (Mercury - Puthan) peyaRchi Gochara or transit results for Mesham - Aries Rasi

Current Date&Time : 19-01-2020 04:46:26 IST (GMT +05.30 Hrs)

Current Transit Chart

Venus RASI
Sun Mercury
Jupiter Saturn Kethu
Mars Moon

Mercury transiting house: 10

All comforts.

Mercury transits the Tenth house from your moon sign or Rasi.

This is a favourable transit for mercury and indicates the destruction of enemies and gain of health, enjoyment of friends company. Will get respect, score high marks, fame due to good speech, victory of enemies

Will get leadership status and articles of happiness, friendship with opposite sex and other auspicious functions are expected, profit from religious activities, good deeds will be done, will become good in mathematics, gain of wealth

Good for auditors and chartered accountants, wealth is gained form enemies, gains through spouse and other good results are predicted by the transit of tenth house by mercury.

Mercury aspects house 4. Result of this aspect is Good. Improvements in education, wealth

The beneficial result of Mercury is obstructed by the Vedha caused by Mars at house 8. So the good results are somehow reduced or completely absent.