October month student astrology for Katakam - Cancer :

Arivan (Mercury - Puthan) peyaRchi Gochara or transit results for Katakam - Cancer Rasi

Current Date&Time : 30-10-2020 15:35:22 IST (GMT +05.30 Hrs)

Current Transit Chart

Moon Rahu
Jupiter Kethu Sun Mercury(R) Venus

Mercury transiting house: 4

Mind will become clear.

Mercury transits the Fourth house from your moon sign or Rasi.

This is favourable transit of mercury and indicates much gains and increase of kinsmen. Mind will become clear and become able to think rationally, new ideas will emanate, not good for mother and father

Acquisition of vehicles, increase of respect, enjoyment of company of women, travels and gains due to those travels, and good income to family and likely results will happen during the transit of fourth house by mercury.

Mercury aspects house 10. Result of this aspect is Good. Gains and comforts

The beneficial result of Mercury is obstructed by the Vedha caused by Venus at house 3. So the good results are somehow reduced or completely absent.