August month student astrology for Virutchikam - Scorpio :

Arivan (Mercury - Puthan) peyaRchi Gochara or transit results for Virutchikam - Scorpio Rasi

Current Date&Time : 06-08-2020 23:59:58 IST (GMT +05.30 Hrs)

Current Transit Chart

Mars Asc
Venus Rahu
Moon RASISun Mercury
Jupiter(R) Kethu

Mercury transiting house: 9

Obstacles to undertakings.

Mercury transits the Nineth house from your moon sign or Rasi.

This indicates that you will meet with obstacles in your academic environment. Judgement capacity will decrease, loss of money, difficulty in paying fees on time, skin diseases, many difficulties, failure and obstacles in education

Trouble from enemies, physical fatigue, unwanted, useless travels, fruitless hard work and likely bad results will be experienced during the transit of ninth house by mercury.

Mercury aspects house 3. Result of this aspect is Bad. Enemity, discomfort

Mercury in malefic position. Mercury transiting Vedha position to good position 6.