Daily astrology for Makaram - Capricorn :

Current Date&Time : 20-01-2021 12:13:54 IST (GMT +05.30 Hrs)

Current Transit Chart

Moon Asc
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Venus Kethu

Moon is now in ரேவதி star.
This star belongs to Mercury planet
Mercury From Rasi it is at 1 position. Here it gets நட்பு

Birth Star Prediction

From birth star, moon is at 7 th place of the star.

Forecast for today is Horrific : Failure and unneccessory travel. You will become tired today even in the morning session. You will be moving piller to post for no cause. Work will be done with no displacement happening..

From birth star, moon is at 6 th place of the star..

Forecast for today is God Blessings : What ever you planned, will be achieved today. What you think is what happens today. This day is the day of yours. You will be taking your family for outside dinner (Spouse and Children).

From birth star, moon is at 5 th place of the star.

Forecast for today is Reversing : Failures, struggle, blockage on progress can only be expected today. Plan your day in the morning itself. Keep follow-up actions to avoid total flop today. Hard work will get you benefits. Start your day from Prayer (Swamy) room.

Prediction for TODAY for your Rasi is:

Moon at rasiமீனம் நட்பு gained.

இன்று புத்திரர்களால் சிறு சச்சரவுகள் ஏற்படும், மந்திர உபதேசம், பத்திரிக்கை தொழில், வழக்கறிஞர், வேத பயிற்சியில் ஈடுபட இன்று உகந்த நாள்.

இன்று உங்களுக்கு நல்லூழ் (அதிர்ஷ்ட) நிறம் பச்சை.

பயன் தரக்கூடிய வடக்கு.

Moon is seen by Saturn, .

2 ராசியானது Saturn, பார்வை பெறுகிறது.