Quick Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra

Vasthu shastra is a traditional science of architecture.

The rules were written in Tamil as 'Akama Vithi' to be used in Temple architecture, particularly in Shivan Temples

Later it was adopted by North for domestic buildings and was christened as "Vasthu Shasthra" in Sanskrit.

VAS means live, stay, reside. Isthu means foundation of house or land or building or any place.

Vastu Shastra details how a building construction should be planned to channelize positive energy in and around the constructed structure. A good implementation of Vasthu will bring peace and prosperity to the people who reside in or use the construction.

Many modern constructions are also build according to the Vasthu Shastra. Vasthu Shastra, also provids guideline to modern architects in building construction according to Vasthu and modern Designs.

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