Do rented house need Vastu?

Do rented house need Vastu? Do rented house need Vastu?

While owning a house, Vastu Sasthra plays a very important role.  Here the question is, does the same Vastu to be followed for even rented place?

The answer is very simple and straight forward.

Vastu Shastra, the ancient science of architecture, is about improving positive energies in a specific space. It applies equally, to homes owned by individuals, as well as rental houses.

Vastu Shastra principles, when applied correctly in the living space, ensure physical, spiritual and material well-being.

Okay, what about rented building with Vastu faults?

Vastu defects can be corrected, by making changes in the rooms, by applying harmonious colors, by changing the placement of objects or by using regulators and remedies.

That is, it is not required asking the owner of the building to do necessary changes to building construction, but just by changing color of the room, Vastu can be corrected.

While owning a building, we take care of the land form and the building plan.  In case of rented building, consider the outer environment than the building structure format.

External forces influence the internal forces in the house to a great extent.

While visiting the place to be rented, have your spouse/family members accompany you and try to gauge how you feel in the space.

Besides the energy, check the ventilation, light and flow of air in the house. In urban cities, most places have mobile or electricity towers.

Avoid places that are too close to these towers. Also avoid places that are close to hospitals, graveyards, or too much traffic – in other words, restless environments.

If the place makes you uncomfortable or uneasy, it may not suit your energy patterns.

In simple words, Vastu is more of environment than that of the building.

For correction of Vastu defects, one can use Vastu harmony paintings, yantra and crystals, to bring tranquility and success. Use symbols like elephants, kuberan crystals, Buddhas and paintings of water bodies, mountains or the sun, as these are considered auspicious.

Few other simple measures that one can adopt, to make the rental space harmonious. For example, regular mopping of the floors, with salt water, can cleanse the space.

Light incense, dhoop or essential oils to cleanse the home and to keep it smelling fresh. Playing harmonious music or chants, can also create a soothing ambiance.

For positive and cheerful energy, nurture a few plants or place flowers and pleasant pictures in the house. Keep the environment free of clutter, dust and cobwebs, as it attracts negative energy.

Also, ensure that the clocks in the house are in working condition.

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