Beneficial Vastu Shastra for students

Beneficial Vastu Shastra for students Beneficial Vastu Shastra for students

Vastu Shastra, generally considered as the science of dwelling plays an important role in an individual’s career. Usually people believe that Vastu Shastra is all about the knowledge of dwelling. But it is much more than that.

It is a traditional knowledge which deals with the balancing of energies and enhancing peace, prosperity and success. In case of success in career, Vastu prescribes abiding by some certain norms.

Education is a lifelong pursuit. But sometimes, the life of students get hampered to a great extent.  Even after working hard, he/she become unable to get the desired results. Students often suffer from tension, double-mindedness, lack of confidence and depression.

Moreover, they also become unable to discover their hidden talents and to meet their full potentials. But all these issues can be fixed by abiding by some certain Vastu norms as proper Vastu provide a positive environment and boost the concentration and confidence level of students.

Vastu Tips for Students:

  • A well-lit lamp or a pair of white scented candles should be placed on the South-East corner of the study table to form a tranquil environment.

  • Always keep globe on the study table and try to move it regularly.

  • The curtains and the walls of the study room should always be light-coloured as they activate the flow of positive energy.

  • The picture of rising sun should be hanged on the East wall of the study room. The child should be encouraged to look at it for five minutes before starting studying as it will enable the flow of positive vibes in the child’s body.

  • The room in which the children study should be bright and well lit. Dim lighting in the room may slow down the child’s education.

  • Make sure that the study table is neat and clean. It should not be cluttered with too many books.

  • While studying, the student should face the East or the North for better concentration.

  • The study room should be located in the East , the North or the North-East. This is because, the planet which rules over these directions is Mercury  and it is the planet of Education.
  • Certificates, trophies or medals won by the child should be hanged on the South wall for motivating him/her.
  • Children should be encouraged to do deep breathing exercises early morning for 10-15 minutes everyday as they will boost their memory. Children should also be encouraged to do various Yoga aasans.

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