Vastu for work place

Vastu for work place Vastu for work place

If Vastu Sasthra is not followed while constructing a commercial building, that will in turn affect people who run office in those buildings.

It is not only the owner or owners of the business establishments will suffer along with their business, but also those employed and commute to that building daily.

Following are some of the guidelines for professionals which will enable them to excel in life :

  • The work place should always be facing the North, the East, the North-East or the North-West. This is because, it is believed that these directions are the directions of good luck and positive energies.
  • The work place should be located in a place having vibrant atmosphere as it makes the workers cheerful.
  • One should face the North or the East while working as these are the directions associated with monetary flow.
  • The work table should have a regular shape, like a square or a rectangle. It should not be shaped in an irregular manner.
  • Eating food and doing unnecessary tasks at the work table should be avoided as work is equal to worship and work tables are only meant for work.
  • A crystal should be hanged on the top roof above the working table as it induces the monetary flow.
  • Healing salt should be placed in a glass bowl in the North or the East of the work place as it puts an end to negativity.
  • The work table should be kept clean and uncluttered.
  • Treasure boxes, lockers etc. should open towards the East to promote prosperity.

Vastu undoubtedly plays an eminent role in the career of students as well as of professionals. It roots out the negative energy and induces the flow of positive energy.

By following the Vastu principles, people yield eternal blessings in the form of peace, prosperity and success.

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