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The Mount of Moon

Mounts in Hand

Indication for Moon Type

The Mount of Moon is situated near the percussion and just across the palm right from the mount of Venus. In the science of palmistry the lunar mount is responsible for the part of the brain which stands for creativity and the dark subconscious mind. Those with a predominant mount of Luna may express some qualities which are feminine. However, if the mount of Lunar is well developed it shows that a person has a higher level of imagination for some activities like poetry, literature, travel and nature. An overdeveloped mount of Luna shows that the subject has an excessive level of imagination.

Physical Features

Tall stature, broad muscles, small and round head are general features. Small ears, narrow shoulders, long and large feet, general appearance used to be beautiful - a term for feminine look

Psychological Dispositions

Lazy, selfish, imaginative. they keep humanity from becoming too material, and enables us to see with the "minds eye". It is entirely because of the possession of imagination, a quality of mind which does not belong to the lower animals, and which gives to mankind the ability to form mental pictures, that certain words, sounds, or signs convey meanings - in short, that we have the power of speaking and communicating with each other.

Health Indication

Low BP, rheumatism, gout, kidney related diseases.