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The Mount of Venus

Mounts in Hand

Indication for Venusian Type

Mount of Venus is located at the base of the thumb and is encircled by the lifeline. Surrounded by the Line of Life, this area represents romance, love, sensuality and the physical appearance. The mount of Venus is an indicator of the following: Love, Family, Morality, Home, Sensuality, Passion which is in the form of physical energy and emotions.

Physical Features

Attractive and handsome, graceful, shapely and well balanced. Merdium height, white complexion, tinted with pink. Round face , smooth, dimpled cheeks. Eyebrows are well designed.

Psychological Dispositions

This mount is a representation of the family, desire, romance and love in ones life. It is found at the base of your thumb. This region reveals the love life of the subject. If the mount of Venus is well-developed and pink in color indicates that the person has strong sex drive towards opposite sex and has got a magnetic personality to reckon with. Such person will enjoy a luxurious life provided the mount of Venus is clear and without any defects.

Health Indication

Venereal diseases are very common. Tuberculosis, heart and lung diseases.