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The Mounts on Hands!

Mounts in Hand

The Mounts of the hands are those fleshy humps found at the base of the fingers - particularly in four of the fingers but not below thumb!.

Mount Names

The mounts are named after Greek and Roman GODs. The presence of the mounts in the palm cannot be attributed to the development of muscle growth of an individual but due to the existence of hundreds of nerve terminals distributed all over the human palm. This terminals are found numerous beneath the mounts.

Why Mounts are Important?

The minute observation of the development or otherwise of the mounts is an important factor while understanding the potentialities of an individual and also the clues to the individual's character and personality.


There are seven mounts in the palm and are 1. The mount of Jupiter, which is found below the index finger. 2. The mount of Saturn is found below the middle finger. 3. The mount of Apollo or otherwise called as Mount of Sun is located below ring finger. 4. The mount of Mercury is below little finger. 5. The mount of Venus, the one that is bigger than the others is seen below thumb. 6. The mount of Moon or sometimes called as mount of Luna is the verticle long one seen just opposite to Mount of Venus. 7. The sevent and the last mount is Mount of Mars, which lies between the Mount of Mercury and Mount of Moon.