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The Mount of APOLLO | SUN

Mounts in Hand

Indication for Apollonian Type

The best Mount of Apollo, the finger of Apollo used to be longer than the finger of Jupiter. A good Appolian hand will have smoothly developed fingers, while finger of Mercury is smaller or medium sized. Line of Heart ending on the Mount of Jupiter with two or more branches, clear cut deep Line of Sun will be visible, the star on the Mount of Apollo.

Physical Features

Tall, broad chest, manly appearance, handsome looking. Always cheerful, entertaining, muscular, athletic look. Nose used to be sharp, straight. Curvy eyebrows. Round nice looking chin. Healthy and symmetric body appearance.

Psychological Dispositions

He will be a man of great natural gifts. Rich intelligence, moral greatness, person who know to enjoy beauty. While not a religious fanatic, but have fear for God. Used to be fond of music.

Health Indication

Poor eyesight, cardiac related ailments, frequent fevers.