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The Mount of SATURN

Mounts in Hand

Indication for Saturnian Type

A good long palm with bony elastic fingers - finger of Saturn usually long, straight and erect, a very strong thumb, line of Heart deep, straight, thing and sword like ending. A good Girdle of Venus

Physical Features

Tallest of all types, tall, slim with angular body contours, a cool appearance, lacking in sympathy and social feeling, skin sallow, rought, dry and wrinkeled. Cheek bones quite high, hair thick and black, straight and harsh, eyebrows thick and stiff, fine teeth indicative of early deterioration, gums pale. Very hight shoulders, nect ling and lean.

Psychological Dispositions

Positive and good saturnian: Sad and sober, extreme prudence, love of solitude and seclusion, cynical in outlook, sceptical, given to fatalism, fond of occult sciences and research, combating spirit, love of rural life, instinct for learning, superstitious, inherently fearful and gloomy.

Health Indication

Billious type, pron to diseases and ascidents (feet and legs), vulnerable to the following diseases, paralysis, diarrhea and elephantiasis